Distrix CastNET

Affordable District-Wide Command Solution Integrates With Any Brand of Paging System

Access Anywhere! CastNET Web-Based Interface Provided at No Cost!

Centrally Controlled Zoned or City-Wide Command


  • Broadcast real-time Announcements
  • Initiate preplanned emergency protocols or Alerts
  • Initiate zoned or districtwide lockdowns
  • Send out important emergency alerts i.e. Active Shooter, Weather Etc.
  • View real-time site status updates
  • Easy setup and customization via intuitive CastNET web interface
  • Announcements may be Geo-Fenced for localized emergencies or announcements
  • Using Maps, Geo-Fenced announcements can be layered by distance from threats
  • Reliable & Affordable
  • No Recurring Fees

Distrix DCM-1

Distrix DCM-1 provides an exceptional, cost-effective means of providing 21st century communications between all of an institutions facilities, by providing the ability to communicate through virtually any brand* of legacy paging / Intercom system!

Distrix command and control functionality is accessed via CastNET, our new web browser interface providing system access from anywhere in the world!

By adding a District Command Module (DCM) at each of your facilities’ locations, all can be unified and monitored utilizing our CastNET command and control Web Interface allowing for a wide range of options and applications!

Ideal Applications:

  • Hospital Networks
  • School Districts
  • City & State Government Offices
  • Higher Education
  • Transportation

*Some paging systems may be incompatible, contact us for more details.

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