Galaxy IP Command

IP Based Communication System

ThreeSixty’s all-new IP Command Platform ushers in a new era of affordable IP BASED communication solutions.

A unique approach to providing communication solutions!

  • No Recurring Fees with Endpoints, Features, or Software Updates!
  • Fully Upgradeable Servers Insures State of The Art Protection for your Facility!
  • View – Remote Monitoring of Emergency Situations In Real-Time!
  • Facility Mapping Options For App Like Simplicity and Control!
  • Now Featuring A Full Range of Mass Notification IP Endpoints!

Thinking of a VOIP Telephony IP Solution?

Ask about their recurring fees for features, functionality, and maintenance first! they add up to thousands of dollars a year, even with smaller deployments!

IP Command has no hidden or recurring fees. – Ever!

IP Command bucks the trend of programming limited feature sets into expensive eprom chips, instead utilizing the power and flexibility of a military-grade server capable of accepting advanced feature upgrades via software modules. This means as technology and security needs advance, upgrades via software will save an organization thousands over preprogrammed solid-state alternatives.

IP Command offers software “Modules” allowing your facilities to add or upgrade your communications platform capabilities now, or in the future.

IP Command accommodates existing communications infrastructure whether hardwired or residing on a secure network, saving thousands on rewiring in retrofit situations!

IP Command systems are full IP Solutions residing on a private network. This topology greatly reduces building wiring costs, making each solution more economical to install. Economical Master/Secondary speaker configurations dramatically reduce IP speaker endpoint costs. Reduce by up to half the number of POE switches required in a standard deployment.

  • Audio Notification: Initiate calls that present audio (audio files) to reachable SIP endpoints
  • Broadcast: Broadcast event information for the user in visual notification
  • Card Contacts: Flexible assignment of dry contact closures to event(s)
  • Check-in Groups: Create and edit room check-ins for use during drills or emergency events that require rooms to “check-in” 
  • Email Lists: Manage Emails
  • Email Messages: Event templated email messaging that can be assigned to event(s) and or system notifications. 
  • Event Routes: Auto-dial when picking up FXO lines (analog phones, or routing from systems that uses analog trunks for event initiation)
  • Monitor Device: Ping IP based devices
  • Monitor Routes: Attach reachable SIP endpoints to any event (intercom or zoned based)
  • Recording: Create/edit time-based recording of any event 
  • System Notifications: Receive email messages or TTS for system critical notifications such as devices falling offline etc. 
  • Serial Notifications: Send event information to serial connections for integration purposes 
  • Tone Events: Manage triggerable emergency events
  • TTS Notifications: Templated based TTS to reachable SIP endpoints 
  • TTS Phrase List: Create complex TTS phrases ( mix languages, emphasis, volume etc) to use in TTS notifications

Any notifications, messages, monitoring check-ins, can be time-dependent and statically assigned or dynamically initiated during events.


  • Access Rules: Create pin or user-based rules for initiating zone/intercome events
  • Dial Rules: Create custom dial plans for integration with existing phone systems
  • Dial Translators: Custom dial translation for shortcuts or integration with static dial-based systems
  • IVR menus: Auto-attendant assignment and layering
  • Galaxy Remotes: Connects Galaxy View to multiple systems for monitoring and triggering
  • Outside Lines: Manages interfacing to existing phone systems using their extension or FXS lines.
  • SIP Profiles: Provides VoIP services to IP phones, and SIP trunking services the site’s network
  • SIP Trunking: Full integration with SIP-based VoIP platforms (phone systems, PRI’s other Galaxy systems)
  • Voicemail Rules: Time based routing to voicemail
  • IP Intercoms: Manage IP based intercom speakers
  • IP Speakers: Manage IP Based speakers
  • Zone Multicast: Enable simultaneous multicasting of zone type events
  • 25-V Speaker Multicast: Enable simultaneous multicasting of intercome type events
  • Image: Manage images that are used in map creation
  • Mapping: Visual represent, monitor, trigger, and initiate events on the Galaxy system


1-RU Server – Dual (RAID 1) SSD
IPCOMPX-RP – W/Redundant Power Supply

A Revolutionary SIP Phone for Enhancing Productivity

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